MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing e-learning

Magnetic Sales & Marketing Project

Earn what you are worth. This easy-to-use e-learning program teaches you the secrets and skills to become magnetic when selling your products and services.

This project included a webpage in the site (See Core Passion Support project) to deliver content, videos, and PDFs for the Magnetic Sales & Marketing curriculum created by Core Passion Inc.

The webpage organized and condensed the content into tabs and accordion expansion sections.

The source matter experts, Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton, recorded the video content at their home studio with a white screen. Pixie Dust edited the video to add intro/outro, on-screen animation and words, and music.

The FAQ and How to Use the Technology segments were written and narrated by Lori Lorenz.

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Web Hosting: Dream Host

CMS: WordPress

Theme: Organic Themes, Purpose with custom JavaScript, PHP, and CSS

App Design, UX, & Development: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Website and App Content: Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton with Core Passion Inc.

Website Design: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Illustration: D. A. Holz

Video Production: Mandy Jones

Technical Writing and Narration: Lori Lorenz