Core Passion Support website

Core Passion Support Project

Core Passion’s support site provides on-demand e-learning for people with a need to know right now.  See how Core Passion provides support just-in-time with their FAQs and video e-learning support.

The Core Passion Support site provides technical support and e-learning for all the Core Passion products. Instead of adding support sections to each product’s website, we created a support subdomain website for the content. This architecture makes updating easier and provides cross-promotion between products.

The e-learning modules present the curriculum with a standard template across topics. Each topic has an FAQ to know how to use the interface, then a combination of tabs and collapsible sections for chapters of the class. The contents include video, on-screen text, and PDF downloads.

The source matter experts, Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton, recorded the video content at their home studio with a white screen. Pixie Dust edited the video to add intro/outro, on-screen animation and words, and music.

The Core Passion apps provide a link on their menus to the support site.

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Web Hosting: Dream Host

CMS: WordPress

Theme: Organic Themes, Purpose with custom JavaScript, PHP, and CSS

App Design, UX, & Development: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Website and App Content: Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton with Core Passion Inc.

Website Design: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Illustration: D. A. Holz

Video Production: Mandy Jones

Technical Writing and Narration: Lori Lorenz