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Digital Hero Publishing is a communication company specializing in digital printing and digital media.

How do you self-publish your words of wisdom? How much can you do yourself and where do you need help?

Books are great examples of intellectual property that becomes residual income. Write it once, sell it often.

This project began with a request from author, Karen Lund. She needed to self-publish her book Being an Elder. She is a public speaker and wanted a book with activities to tie to her presentations and events. Now she can sell her book from the back of the room and use it to promote her speaking.

Pixie Dust works with editors to groom manuscript, designs book covers, desktop publishes the book in a format for the printer or e-book, and creates websites, podcasts, and video to market it.

The authors own their books, websites, and other intellectual property. They pay Pixie Dust as work for hire for services.

The Digital Hero Publishing website support authors and readers with FAQs and consulting.

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