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Core Passion Marketing Website Project

This marketing site is also the go-to reference for all about Core Passion.  Learn more about this driving force with video, e-books, and e-learning.

We redesigned the web application website, marketing website, and support website to enable isolated technology platforms for each deliverable. The web application required one standard of CSS and JS to maintain a standard app environment with its user experience.  This was a similar user experience but a different wireframe was necessary for the marketing website (home.corepassion.com). The support website (support.corepassion.com) had another requirement for a more streamline design.

We worked with the client and programmer to whiteboard the new design and map the incremental changes for transition. We created all new graphic assets, updated copy, designed way-showing icons, and integrated links to existing websites, e-books, web apps and mobile apps.

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Web Hosting: Dream Host

CMS: WordPress

Theme: Celestino with custom JavaScript, PHP, and CSS

App Design, UX, & Development: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Website and App Content: Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton with Core Passion Inc.

Website Design: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Digital Business Strategy consulting: Lori L. Lorenz

Video Production: Mandy Jones

Illustration: D. A. Holz