Showcase Folio template apps

Showcase Folio App Template Project

Discover how to expand your customer’s experience with this beautiful showcase mobile app template.  Create an experience with more prestige for your luxury products and high-end services. 

This project monetized and standardized an existing app into a template for white labeled new apps. By keeping the code base standard and allowing the content to change, it creates new apps quickly with creative content for use in new markets.

The website offers three packages of features with scaled pricing. It also outlines app business strategies to monetize the product in a client’s market. A javascript generated calculator helps prospective new app owners find their ROI for the investment.

Two examples of the Showcase Folio App template include La Foret Chocolate and Get Smart Intel. See for links to the sample apps.

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Web Hosting: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

CMS: WordPress

Theme: Genesis Framework, Remobile with custom JavaScript, PHP, and CSS

App Design, UX, & Development: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Website and App Content: Lori Lorenz, CEO & Master Designer, Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Website Design and Graphic Design: Pixie Dust L.L.C.