Core Passion Life app

Core Passion Life Project

Core Passion Life is a mobile app sampler of all things Core Passion.  It contains e-books with introductions to the Core Passion Assessment, Career Seeker and Magnetic Sales & Marketing.

Core Passion Life app starting page

This app project was the first app developed for Core Passion as a sampler of all it’s products.  The app splash page has the Core Passion Song on a loop.  Click the image above to listen to the jingle.

Marketing Website

We made a specific marketing website for the app so the app store listings could link to more information.

Visit the marketing site at


Wireframe for Core Passion Life app

The wireframes started on whiteboards then were recreated in Photoshop and posted to with links to simulate navigation.

The wireframe for the app included a rotator control with links to html displayed e-books.  Links were included to send viewers back to the websites to purchase training programs and products.

Core Passion Life QR codes to app

The marketing site displays QR codes to the app stores to download the free app. Simply scan the QR code for the link to your device’s app store.  Core Passion Life is a free app available for iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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Web Hosting: Dream Host

CMS: WordPress

Theme: Organic Themes, Purpose with custom JavaScript, PHP, and CSS

App Design, UX, & Development: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Website Content and App Content: Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton with Core Passion Inc.

Website Design: Pixie Dust L.L.C.

Illustration: D. A. Holz

Music Production: Wishing Star Studio

Core Passion Song: Written by Karen Palm. Performed by: Karen Palm (vocals), Lori Palm (trumpet), Mandy Jones (saxophone, arrangements), Terrance Schubring (keyboards, rhythm, bass guitar)

Digital Business Strategy Consulting: Lori L. Lorenz